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Granite countertops


Kitchen Sink

The kitchen countertop can not be left out of a modern design. It can be considered a super functional element in the room, because it offers conditions to prepare food, dishwasher and even accommodate the visits.


In the market, it is possible to find different models of kitchen countertops, which are distinguished mainly in relation to materials. This diversity of finishes satisfies the expectations of beauty and functionality of the consumers.

For Bathroom

Nothing more important in a bathroom or toilet than a countertop – she is the protagonist and one who dictates the style of the environment.


Granite is one of the best known and used materials. Because it is not a porous material, it does not stain with water contact and is scratch resistant. It has several textures and colors, and cleaning must be done with damp cloth and neutral products, never with corrosive or oily ones. Lighter stones should receive greater attention.


Marble Countertop

Another famous bench option, the marble has variations of colors and textures, making its price vary.


Unlike granite, marble is less resistant. Because it is porous it is easier to scratch and stain. It is only recommended for toilets, while it can not be used in kitchens. The option that presents more resistance than the others is also the most expensive.

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